President Jacob Zuma

When thinking about what I was going to write next for my blog, I Googled some random ideas and stuff just to figure out what I want to write about (writers block apparently) and I typed in this sentence, “bad news for South Africa.” I clicked on images just for the heck of it… and low and behold, my eye immediately caught a picture of President Jacob Zuma. Leader of South Africa.

Along with pictures of rhino poachers, strikers, homeless people, corruption and all that other ordinary, day-to-day, typically South African problems. I found it quite amusing in all honesty. But then I stopped to think; reconsider. And I thought, wait, this isn’t funny. If the South African President is seen by others as bad news for South Africa (which isn’t as farfetched as some might think) how is that a good image for our country? Or any other country with a “bad news” president as a matter of fact.

A country’s leader should be admired and respected by all… Not booed off a stage by the very people he is supposed to be leading and inspiring. What does that say about the character of South Africa? Not that I blame them. I mean, look at the state of this nation. It’s neither here nor there. We’re a nation divided by the past and mistakes that were made. It’s been 20 years since the wrong that was done has been righted, but not much has changed. Yes, more people have better lives and yes, we are a colourful nation. But for those who go to look a little deeper, a “behind-the-scenes-view”, would see that there is suffering around the beauty and struggles in the warmth.

There is no denying that SA is a gloriously beautiful country, which is why it would be such a terrible loss if it were to become a wasteland because of wrong leadership and even worse decisions. It’s unbearable to just sit and watch as our birthplace and proudly South African country take a step back because of political unrest between leaders.

Jacob Zuma, bad news or misunderstood leader?